UChiBLR follows a Biennial Symposium model whereby we accept symposium topics within the realm of business law in a planning year, and execute the symposium the following year. Our Spring issue in years following a symposium will primarily focus on the works of authors present at the symposium. This year is a planning year for UChiBLR  whereby Faculty and Students are provided an opportunity to propose a topic for next year’s UChiBLR Symposium. This year our editorial board will be accepting submissions for topics through January 6th, 2022. Those that submit proposals will be afforded an opportunity to brief them to our Journal membership, after which all proposals will be submitted to the full membership of the Journal for selection. For questions regarding our Biennial Symposium model, or to express interest in proposing a topic for next year’s symposium, please reach out to us at uchiblr@uchicago.edu.