The University of Chicago Business Law Review is excited to announce its next symposium topic: "The Corporation's Role in Politics." The Symposium will address distinct aspects of law in relation to the role of corporations as political actors. We anticipate panelists will use recent events to explore themes at the intersection of corporate governance, election law, and free speech. For instance, panelists could explore how governments retaliate against corporate exercise of free speech rights; investigate the effects corporations have on election outcomes; analyze how corporations politicize the economy through external practices, such as corporate lobbying; or discuss ways that internal practices affect corporations, like shareholders attempting to control political stances of their corporations.

The Symposium will be held at the University of Chicago Law School on Friday, January 26, 2024. 

More information will be available soon! If you have any questions or are interested in attending, please contact our Managing Editor, Anna Dincher, at